How to Maximize Learning on Twitter

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I had a Twitter account for years. I followed software, finance, startups, funny people, and acquaintances on Twitter. My followers were my friends and colleagues. To me, Twitter had always been a social network where I could check out the news as well.

Unless you set your account to be protected, all of your tweets, comments, “like”s, retweets, and follows are public. Your followers may see them on their feeds. As someone who is on Twitter just for learning, not for brand building, I found myself always hesitant to react to the tweets.

Please Do My Code Reviews

This is not my first article about code reviews. My article How These Code Review Etiquettes Can Shape Your Team Culture, an attempt to address how to improve team morale via code reviews, received positive feedback from my readers and colleagues. However, I found one important problem that was not addressed — “how can I make someone do my code reviews timely?”

This problem is not new. 10 years ago, I first joined a large company that required code reviews before submission, I found it extremely frustrating when waiting for someone’s review. Why? …

How Cornelius Vanderbilt Dominated The Railroad Industry in the 19th Century

Key People in the short squeezes two centuries apart: Cornelius Vanderbilt (left), and the Roaring Kitty (right)

The US stock market has been in a trading frenzy since the beginning of 2021. The names GME, GameStop, hedge fund, Robinhood have popped up in the news. Before I talk about the original short squeeze, let me recount what has just happened in 2021 so far.

The Big Short Squeeze in 2021

GameStop (ticker: GME) is an American high street shop that sells games, consoles, and other electronics.

Some analysts and research firms believed GameStop as a business was on its downturn and would soon go out of business. They encouraged investors to short the stock.

Shorting a stock means that an investor borrows the…


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Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor (1949)and Burton Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street (1973) have a tremendous impact on my investing style. They used empirical data to prove that, the long-term buy and hold investors have often outperformed the traders.

I also learned that the legendary investor of our time, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett was one of Graham’s students at Columbia Business School and has always been a follower of Graham’s value investing principles. I tried to find books written by Buffett but realized that there is no better resource than his own Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Letters…

An In-depth Review on My 1-Month Passive Random Investing Results

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I have been collecting data and drafting the article since the beginning of the year. My plan was to publish it today - the last trading day of January 2021, to share my results. Who would think, after all these turbulent events (Capitol Hill Riot, Platforms banning Trump and Biden Inauguration), the WallStreetBets mob squeezing hedge funds created the greatest disruption of all, which shifted the market condition.

However, I did not sell. I held with my diamond hands. The numbers changed quite a bit comparing with last week, but I got the conclusion I wanted. Please read on.


What I Learned From Writing on Medium

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2020 was the first year I spent quality time on Medium. Writing has been not only a record of my thoughts and ideas but also an exploration to complete them.

When an idea is born, it is natural and spontaneous and fades away easily. So I take note of every possible writing idea immediately when they appear. The process of fleshing out an idea is probably the most laborious part. But when I hit the Publish button, the joy with that click pays off the effort.

I would like to take a moment to summarize the performance of my Medium…

A Year of Principles and Finance

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In early 2020, my son asked me, “Mommy, do you know what the biggest place is?” While I was questioning the eligibility of the question, he told me, “It is a library because it has everything.” His words are simply inspiring.

I learned a ton from my experiences and mistakes before 2020. I regularly poured my learnings on Medium. My readers’ support confirmed the value (Thank you!). The bad part was that I kept running and never had a chance to slow down, heal, reflect, and learn from others. …

Take A Breath. This Will Work.

Comic by Elijah Manor — “Technical Interview”

Now you have practiced hundreds of coding questions on HackerRank and LeetCode for weeks. When the interviewer finally reveals the coding problem, you are still feeling nervous. For a split second, you almost get lost and don’t know where to start. Suddenly you notice the 45-minute clock has been ticking, so your mind goes blank again.

I have been there, and I know that feeling.

Throughout my career, I have interviewed hundreds of software engineer candidates, when working for big tech companies and also hiring for my own company Roxy. I have found that stellar interview candidates have something in…

How to Use Funnel Analysis to Optimize Performance of Your Medium Stories

You may have wondered why some Medium writers’ stories consistently have great performance: frequently showing on the home page and having thousands of claps. I have been writing on Medium for a few years. Until recently, I started to apply what I learned from sales and marketing to understand the journey of Medium readers, and I have seen significant improvements in my recent stories. Last month, I broke my record for monthly earnings on Medium. For the last few days, my record for daily member reading time was broken every single day.

In this article, I will show you an…

I hope these stories could help you, too

As the destination seems important, oftentimes, it turns out it was the journey. My journey to reach financial independence has not been linear. Besides the monetary wealth, all the mistakes I made along become a great wealth of mine, to realize and understand why and how.

When I was in school …

“BMW is classy!”

After I moved to the United States for graduate school, I bought myself a quite nice BMW. I had always liked the look of a BMW 5-Series — classy and elegant. However, it cost me — a student with no income yet — $9,000. I remember my parents’ pause and sigh…

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